Krake Festival Pass 2016 + Workshop


This Festival Pass allows access to all events of Krake Festival. Additionally it allows access to participate in the DIY workshop, where you can built your own Synth or FX machine.
You will receive all needed material*, tools and guidance and by the end of the workshop you can take your fully working Synth or FX machine home with you.
For detailled info, pls check:

You can choose between these options:

1) Noise To Brain Adapter (NTBA)**
2) BassTrommel
3) Kaputt Monkey Fuzz
4) DroneSynth
5) VCO-I

* in case of damage of material during the workshop due to unexperienced handling, be prepared to have an extra 5€ – 15€ ready to pay extra material.
** please note: as this is the most complex and expensive one, it will cost an additional 35€ that will have to be paid in cash at the workshop.

***limited availabilty

date: 30th July (afternoon)
location: Grießmühle

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