Debut album by Minimum Syndicat out soon!

By nico
Mai 2, 2024
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Minimum Syndicat (also known as MS or M-Syndicat) are two musicians from Paris who have been making electronic noise and live performances for decades. They are known for their very unique mix of acid, rave and industrial on the one hand and cinematic, psychedelic, sci-fi landscapes on the other.
S.C.H.O.R.L. is their first full length album. Like some kind of bleak space opera it tells its story of lonely subaquatic outposts, Soviet droids and mantis-priests gathering.
The core is spaced out electro, but it also has elements of techno, doomcore, breakbeat and industrial, one could say. "At this point subgenres are less important than in the past, it's more like the alternative electronic scene against the industry turning techno into moronic money-driven entertainment.“, they say, and right they are.
The album features two collaborations with French heavyweights Umwelt and Voiron, the artwork comes from the legendary Belgian artist Elzo Durt, who made some of our strongest artworks in the past and who is a fan of Minimum Syndicat himself. The 2x12“ is limited to 100 copies, handnumbered and comes with a silk-screen A2 poster with a version of the artwork.
MS will also be releasing a special series of digital releases called "Mutant Signal“ on their own label.


Release Date: May 10th, 2024

Artwork by Elzo Durt, Mastering by Thomas Heckmann (Trope Mastering)


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