IMW – new label launched with a first release by FÜR ELISE!

By nico
Juni 4, 2024
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IMW is a sublabel to Berlin's long-standing label Killekill.
IMW stands for Ick Mach Welle and focusses on recordings of the inclusive mentoring project of the same name, which was started by Killekill in 2018.

FÜR ELISE is a young Berlin band that emerged from Killekill's inclusive music project Ick Mach Welle. The band consists of African-German Elise Neumann on the microphone and the legendary Turkish-Finnish music producer and crooner Khan of Finland, elementary component of the queer scene for over 30 years. Elise impresses with her soulful voice, incredible stage presence and freestyling skills, Khan with his over-all beauty and brilliance on the production. The two met for the first time in late 2023, clicked immediately and here they are with a whole stage show and this release on the young label IMW in their luggage.
The EP combines 3 tracks of electronic dub with quite a range in style: The title track Paradiso comes along in a very tropical fashion and has almost mainstream appeal. The lyrics reflect on Elise’s longing back to Barbados where she was brought up - the classic paradise with white sandy beaches and palms. She wants to go back, but she also makes quite clear that compared to Barbados Berlin is the place she actually wants to be at. It’s a love/hate relationship between her and Barbados as well as Berlin.
The second track Boombastic is more on the dub techno dance floor tip. The lyrics also reflect on Elise’s roots, this time with a pumping kick drum laying underneath, which matches the anger potential this topic seems to bring up in Elise.
The third track Chemical Reaction is the most abstract piece and tells a story of a failed love on top of a dark and melancholic dub track.
You'll be hearing a lot more from Für Elise. Stay tuned!

IMW is a new label linked to the Berlin project Ick Mach Welle, which aims to push for inclusivity in electronic music and culture. Expect frequent releases covering a wide range of styles.



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