By nico
November 6, 2014
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Furfriend is everything you never dared to sex about. from the depths of warm and tight cavities come the two stud dogs Dingo Tush (vocals) and Das Uberdog (production)
born in a place in space and time where all things are created equal and lovechilds sprout from all kinds of couplings, they tell tales of universal pleasure.
be it gay circuit life or the sweet feel of sheep in their best years. Furfriend covers it all and more.
Furfriend encourages you to write down your dirty fantasies and send them over via this facility.
They´ll turn your sexual deviance into roaring techno moansters!

The stud dogs have made a quick name for themselves and kickstarted their career on Killekill. Having since released on Perc records and BPitch, the world is becoming their playground and they are becoming the nightmare of hydrants across the world...



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