12" & digital
Alex Cortex - NEAR

Vanta 004 comes from Alex Cortex, an artist who has been producing music for over 20 years now and who has been featured on many Killekill releases already.
For this release he delivers two monumental tracks in his very own aesthetics: although both tracks are straight at first sight, their

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12" & digital
EeOo - IS

Vanta 003 comes from Eomac under his alias EeOo.

EeOo is a side project for what is, in Eomac's mind, straight up, techno-rave-house-jungle-disco influenced, dancefloor material. It draws influence from classic styles of dance music. Less dense, less conceptual than the Eomac-music.

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12" & digital
Kamikaze Space programme - END

Vanta Series is the new series for Killekill's dancefloor music. The releases come in series, every series comes with a theme and one artwork which is being split in several parts to go with each release.

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12" & digital
Dez Williams - THE

After a fabulous summer and a mind-blasting Krake Festival, Killekill takes its next step and kicks off another new label called VANTA SERIES, which is destined for small series of 12"es with out-standing dancefloor tracks. The name derives from Vantablack, a colour from nano technology, which is the blackest black and actually invisible.

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