KRAKE FESTIVAL 2021: The Sunday comedown stream

September 20, 2021
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We just want to share these two stunning live performances and keep them memorized for you as time passes by so quickly. That was the perfect lineup for the Sunday come down stream, our little ambient stream wonderland as you could say. Couldn`t be more happy with how the festival went this year and this is the most perfect ending we could have wished for. And to everyone who made this beautiful journey possible: Thank you so much !


Greta Christensen and Camilla Sørensen alias Vinyl Terror & Horror explore the turntable and the record material in its rawest and purest nature. The visuality and physicality of the record grooves allows them to transform the playback medium into sculptural objects, while using the turntable as an instrument. Their broken records – reassembled into ‘cut-up records’ like a collaged image – deliberately interrupt the musical flow of the samples, facilitating looping patterns and unexpected structures while mixing ‘found sounds’ from across a wide spectrum of genres – from classic albums, folk and schlager music to vintage movie sound effects. They showcased their Promethean style of designing soundscapes at Krake Festival 2021 for the Sunday comedown stream.

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Devi Mambouka, known as Masma Dream World, is a multi-disciplinary artist and sound therapist. Known for her otherworldly and haunting exploration of the shadow side, Mambouka’s music is heavily influenced by her multiethnic heritage, sacred lineage and personal evolution to overcome trauma, abuse and addiction. Devi took us on a deep journey into the dream world at the Sunday stream of Krake Festival 2021.

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