BILL YOUNGMAN has become one of the most important parts of the KILLEKILL family, so it’s just logical, he delivers the next KILLEKILL PODCAST for us.

His records on KILLEKILL („HH3“ and „Shadent“) display his wide range of musical interests, but also in his earlier years he has always been releasing different stuff from his techno releases on Scandinavia, Tresor and Null: He released one album of the finest electronica on DEPTH CHARGE’s DC Recordings under the alias AUDIBLE, several great EPs of electro on Serotonin and recently remixed JAMIE LIDELL in a rather techy dubstep style for Warp. Bill doesn’t follow trends and dislikes being categorized into one stale genre and so perfectly fits into the KILLEKILL master plan.
This podcast BIll produced for us is a collection of his latest and upcoming works, deep and atmospheric, compiled and edited for your full listening pleasure. Let yourself get pulled down!
And be assured: Bill will definitely keep on pushing the limits of electronic music.

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{enclose killekill-podcast04_bill_youngman_2012.mp3}

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