Hanno Hinkelbein

Januar 27, 2011
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A tough-looking guy with a fine sense for electronic music. Raffinesse meets power; Hanno is interested in everything; maybe not in collecting Smurf-figures or satinshirts, but he likes to get his inspiration from travelling the earth, photography, meeting people, politics, all kinds of arts and aesthetics, even of turkish wrestling... Soundwise he locates himself somewhere between wonky Techno, House, trashy and clean Electro, Breakbeats, Industrial/Metal, Death Metal, Dubstep, Rebetico, Gypsy Music and so on; which seems to be a place to be taken which can be quite interesting for the listeners. He started Djing in 1996 after playing the guitar in an industrial band; taking the leap from there to the club shows his versatillity and his open mind for music – as long as it holds something special for him, he has an open ear for it. He doesn’t want to bring the „newest shit” all the time – this would be narrowing he thinks; why always play the few really good new tracks when you can hark back on a huge amount of excellent releases of the past thirty years, which contain so many workpieces that people do and don’t know? It’s all about the selection of the Dj and about how you „bring” it to the audience; and Hanno tries to bring everything in electronic-related music together to a stirring whole, to that people in the club can be going crazy on – he likes to compare Djing with having a ever and ever again interesting sexual being-together of the Dj and the crowd; you got to be imaginative to be a good lover... With his productions – even a gold record among them for his appearence on a release of „Zweiraumwohung” - he tries to keep it functionable; clubsounds live on the bassgroove beyond them, on the way the sounds and the groove is put together; his work is, even when quite hard stuff,is always precise and reflected. When Djing as well as when producing, surprising somebody is more important to him than giving a promise for this or that; this makes Hanno an always fresh and interesting musicact that aerates the lineup in every venue he plays. Big heart, friendly lifestyle brought together with sense for partying hard and opening your mind in music! <


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