GET READY: KRAKE is coming!

April 27, 2023
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On Krake Festival 2023 Day 1 we are at House of Music for a day focused on community exchange and good vibes. There will be a chill BBQ, movie screening, panel discussion and of course MUSIC.

Day 2 and 3 brings on a musical marathon of over 36 hours to ://about blank: Bands, live acts, DJs & performances, big names, young up-and-comers, punk, techno, house, electro, ambient - it's all there!

We always thought that punk and techno go well together. Therefore we start Saturday at noon in Berlin’s most beautiful club garden with concerts by 21 Downbeat from Rambazamba, Wellen.Brecher, the band behind this year’s inclusive summer hit "Tierisch Verboten", and Pisse, probably the hottest punk band in Germany right now.

At night, the garden turns into an enchanted dreamland, with artists like Vivian Koch, Daniela Huerta and Museum Of No Art providing infinite ambient soundscapes. Meanwhile inside the club, witness bangers across all floors in classic Krake style. Drag Syndrome sets the scene, a British collective of drag artists with down syndrome, taking our core values right to the stage: Self-expression, daring and a lot of fun. They are followed by a whole bunch of acts like The Hacker, Imogen, Luz1e and Acidfinky, all of whom are guaranteed to bring a high level of intensive bodywork to the dance floor. Come back to the garden on Sunday morning, as DJ Stingray 313, Detroit In Effect, Alienata and Nite Fleit and more finish off the festival with a big closing rave.

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