12" & digital
Death Bulb - Zement EP

Hey campers, we are back with some new goodies for you! This one is by the completely virginal duo Death Bulb, who have never released a single track before, which is quite ridiculous as they have been producing this stuff since 2012...

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12" & digital
The Fool's Stone - Boy•Cott / Nonversation

Shut Up!
But look at yourself - you look pathetic! Who do you think are you trying to impress? You of course! All the time you have to bicker and put the finger in it. I'm sick of it. Piss off!

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12" & digital
Furfriend - Polytuna

You have really beautiful eyes!
Aww - you propably say that to everyone you just stuck your dong in!
Nah - normally I just pull my pants up and go, but I think you’re special!

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