Kamikaze Space Programme

KAMIKAZE SPACE PROGRAMME is a true sonic renegade, a genuine musical experimenter. Somewhere between a classic Musique Concrète and modern electronic approach, KSP’s music is made up of myriad samples and found sounds from real world situations, it lends the stuff a very real texture and aesthetic that links it to the here and now, the everyday, in a very real way. The sound of an old truck, the hiss of a kettle or the clunking of a door are all fair game for KSP, who then takes his strange sound sources and weaves them into infectious sonic tapestries and intricate rhythms.

It all started for Chris Jarman in the mid-90s when he worked as an accomplished session musician. He first dipped his toe into the electronic world as a D&B producer at the turn of the century and was quickly signed to revered label Renegade Hardware and soon began playing around the world. Never one to sit still, Jarman wanted to foment an even more original sound and thus the Kamikaze Space Programme project was born.

Reeleased on labels like Mote Evolver, Bob Bhrama’s West Norwood Cassette Library, TRUST Mindcut KSP has been commissioned to remix artists such as Paul Mac, Aubrey, and Drums Of Death, always adding his own idiosyncratic take on things.


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FRANKLIN DE COSTA has been around for a long time. Moving on from wonky techno in his early productions to house and minimal funk in the 2000somethings, he has recently turned back and forged ahead into more experimental techno fields. His collaborations with DJ SPIDER for Killekill were one result of this development. His redefined sound as a dj another one. Last but not least he has also joined the Killekill booking roster recently.

Enjoy this DJ set of his, which Franklin recorded at the Munich club MMA on the 10th of April 2015, taking you on a trip through the various musical dimensions of his musical world.






Manchester legend KID SIMMONS has been away for a while, but he is back on track now with a release deep from his archives on Killekill House Trax plus this smashing dj mix freshly recorded for you. Enjoy and rave!




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