Alex Cortex

ALEX CORTEX has been at the forefront of techno for 20 years. With five albums and uncountable 12″es on labels such as Source Records, Klang Elektronik, Kanzleramt, MNX, Pomelo and many others he has had an influence in electronic music history much more than many. With four

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From deep to dark. From past to future. All is about music.
It all started in 2000 and since then this mysterious ladylike lifeform has dedicated herself to learning & analyzing sound in all of its forms: Obsessive Analogy, Microloops coming from any source

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Altstadt Echo

In the last three years, Altstadt Echo has accomplished what most up-and-coming artists only talk about: a handful of vinyl releases, multiple festival performances, and the curation of an event series that has become a fixture of local underground culture. His musical signat

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DJ Flush

DJ FLUSH is the main man behind the label Killekill. As a dj as well as a label owner and promoter he has been exploring and pushing the borders of electronic music for over 20 years now. Typically built on a solid base of acid, jacking techno and Chicago house, his dj sets

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FURFRIEND is everything you never dared to sex about. From the depths of warm and tight cavities come the two fuck pets DINGO TUSH (vocals) and DAS UBERDOG (production) be it the pleasures of gay circuit life or the sweet feel of sheep in their best years – FURFRIEND covers i

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A tough-looking guy with a fine sense for electronic music. Raffinesse meets power; Hanno is interested in everything; maybe not in collecting Smurf-figures or satinshirts, but he likes to get his inspiration from travelling the earth, photography, meeting people, politics, a

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Being a hip hop-dancer since the age of ten, Dario Scarano alias KUNO got into djing at the age of sixteen and started producing music himself at the very young age of 18. Having started with mostly UK-bass music, he is now a badass dj with a very distinctive style somewhere

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Originally from Poland Monya has been based in Berlin for over a decade now. With her uncompromising live sets she built herself a reputation quickly and has been playing since then all over the world.
In 2013 she released her first album and in 2014 she started her

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SEBASTIAN KOEKOW stands for techno in its purest form. Not only is he part of the more than legendary video crew The29NovFilms, which is responsible for over 5000 videos accompanying tracks of more or less anybody with a standing in the techno scene, but also is he a dj who h

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The 29novfilms is a duo of video artists, that has been making videos for almost every single relevant techno artist releasing in the last years.
They work with found footage mostly and are known for their extraordinary sensitivity in what to pick for a certain sound

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The Brvtalist is a curator, promoter and DJ with a focus on mutated metropolitan culture from around the globe. Since 2013, the platform has featured, collaborated and/or performed with a variety of artists across multiple disciplines including Julius (JP), Void Vision, Zania

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Tigerhead’s musical cognition was long and comprehensive, started almost fifteen years ago in her Czech little hometown where she was at first influenced by a massive punk-avandgarde movement spreading all over her country. With a dash of temperament it took no long to get un

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Years of Denial is a fetishistic ritual of contorted flesh and altered states, a feverish/ infectious paradox of primitivism and modernity. Years of Denial is the ghost in the machine. Their live Electro performances fuse SP 1200 beats and pulsating arpeggios with heavy

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