With this podcast KILLEKILL presents you CASSEGRAIN & TIN MAN. These artists have provided us with 4 enormous tracks for our label but also with the material for his podcast.

Examining this material one might consider the cooperation of these artists one of the most fertile of contemporary techno.

CASSEGRAIN are Greek-British producer Alex Tsiridis and Berlin/Vienna based composer and producer Hüseyin Evirgen. With a well developped sensitiveness the duo designs futuristic and dark techno soundscapes with a strong experimental touch.
TIN MAN is another outstanding artist and the second half of this collaboration. With his releases on Cheap Records, Global A and the Sähkö sub label Keys of Life he proved well, how easily he can switch between strong classic acid and abstract, postmodern songwriting. The tracks for our label that resulted from this very special collaboration, are exactly what you might expect: An ideal and unique combination of modern dark techno as it comes from labels such as prologue or stroboscopic artefacts and classic acid. Some of them aim directly at the dancefloor, some come along rather dreamy and spaced out.
Perfect for KILLEKILL.


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{enclose killekill-podcast06_tin-man_cassegrain_2012.mp3}

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