With this podcast KILLEKILL presents you CASSEGRAIN & TIN MAN. These artists have provided us with 4 enormous tracks for our label but also with the material for his podcast.

Examining this material one might consider the cooperation of these artists one of the most fertile of contemporary techno.

CASSEGRAIN are Greek-British producer Alex Tsiridis and Berlin/Vienna based composer and producer Hüseyin Evirgen. With a well developped sensitiveness the duo designs futuristic and dark techno soundscapes with a strong experimental touch.
TIN MAN is another outstanding artist and the second half of this collaboration. With his releases on Cheap Records, Global A and the Sähkö sub label Keys of Life he proved well, how easily he can switch between strong classic acid and abstract, postmodern songwriting. The tracks for our label that resulted from this very special collaboration, are exactly what you might expect: An ideal and unique combination of modern dark techno as it comes from labels such as prologue or stroboscopic artefacts and classic acid. Some of them aim directly at the dancefloor, some come along rather dreamy and spaced out.
Perfect for KILLEKILL.


Artist links:


{enclose killekill-podcast06_tin-man_cassegrain_2012.mp3}



Our next podcast comes from STYPE.

STYPE has been a resident at the KILLEKILL events more or less from the start. He is a musically well educated dj with a widespread musical interest and has the guts to play out what he likes, not what’s fashionable.
This set has been recorded live at the KILLEKILL event ACID IST FERTIG in November 2011 at the Suicide Circus. Taking us from abstract electronica to dubstep, crossing over electro and dub techno and ending with an hour of psychedelic techno and acid this set is representative for STYPE’s eclectic style.
Have a good trip!


For tracklist check Soundcloud.


Artist links:

{enclose killekill-podcast05_stype_2012.mp3}




BILL YOUNGMAN has become one of the most important parts of the KILLEKILL family, so it’s just logical, he delivers the next KILLEKILL PODCAST for us.

His records on KILLEKILL („HH3“ and „Shadent“) display his wide range of musical interests, but also in his earlier years he has always been releasing different stuff from his techno releases on Scandinavia, Tresor and Null: He released one album of the finest electronica on DEPTH CHARGE’s DC Recordings under the alias AUDIBLE, several great EPs of electro on Serotonin and recently remixed JAMIE LIDELL in a rather techy dubstep style for Warp. Bill doesn’t follow trends and dislikes being categorized into one stale genre and so perfectly fits into the KILLEKILL master plan.
This podcast BIll produced for us is a collection of his latest and upcoming works, deep and atmospheric, compiled and edited for your full listening pleasure. Let yourself get pulled down!
And be assured: Bill will definitely keep on pushing the limits of electronic music.

Artist links:


{enclose killekill-podcast04_bill_youngman_2012.mp3}



recorded live at KILLEKILL ELECTRIX@Suicide Circus 07.10.2011

KILLEKILL is proud to present a live recording of an excellent live set of CARL FINLOW to you, recorded at the KILLEKILL ELECTRIX event on 07. October 2011.
To many CARL FINLOW will need no introduction with over almost two decades of pioneering work in electronic music under his belt. With a talent for creating sounds that are ahead of their time and a scarily robot-like ability to communicate with electronic equipment, Carl has created an extensive catalogue of work at the cutting edge of electronic music. And if you don’t believe us just ask the likes of Radiohead, Herbert, Richie Hawtin, Luke Slater, Francois Kevorkian or Andrew Weatherall, they’ll tell you.
Maybe it is the fact that some of CARL’s major influences are classic artists that he sets his standards so high, citing experimental godfathers Pierre Schaeffer, Varese and Raymond Scott  as his primary sources of inspiration. Or equally it could be artists a little further up the time-line such as Tomita, The White Noise, Yello, Prince, Thomas Dolby and of course Depeche Mode who have helped to set the bar way up high.
An early interest in making his own music, fostered by his Dad who bought him a Moog at the age of 13, an early mastering of his Sinclair Spectrum computer and a brief stint as keyboard player for John Peel favourites, The Bridewell Taxis, all contributed to bringing Carl to the point where he is today. Perhaps a pivotal moment was the appearance on stage in a full wet suit daubed with florescent paint with the Bridewells, who knows…. it was certainly hot!
As original visionary and fellow farm-dweller with Ralph Lawson in Leeds’ Rhubarb Triangle throughout the 90s, Carl forged a production partnership with Lawson that took them onto the international stage, remixing Blaze, Fatboy Slim, Jamiroquai, Swag, Swayzak, Josh Wink and Luke Slater. It was during these days of self-confinement in the Farmhouse (making only vital trips across the rhubarb fields to find food) that Random Factor was born and under this guise Carl began recording exclusively for 2020. But not content with one pseudonym, he is the master of disguise, also recording as Silicon Scally, Voice Stealer, IL-EK-TRO, Circle City, Scarletron and more conventionally CARL A FINLOW to give an outlet to the various sides of his musical palette.
Never quite leaving his roots in playing live behind (apart from the wet suit), Carl has developed a superb live set using Ableton Live (indeed, even demonstrating the software at various UK Universities to music students) to take his sounds on the road as Random Factor or Silicon Scally. He has played Japan, USA, Russia, Australia and Europe extensively.



NEIL LANDSTRUMM is with no doubt one of the big heroes of techno. With several albums and uncountable singles released on renowned labels like Tresor, Peacefrog and Planet µ, he has definitely written techno history. And this does not even count in his own label Scandinavia, which released music of high prolific techno artists such as Cristian Vogel, Tobias Schmidt, Adam X and many more.Although having produced his first records in the early nineties NEIL LANDSTRUMM is in no way an old school producer! He has produced a few top notch dubstep records in the last years (released on planet µ) and is just now being one of the producers pushing the boundaries of the post dubstep UK Bass sound and is also being featured on the NONPLUS label being run by no one else but BODDIKA.

For KILLEKILL NEIL has recently delivered a handful of tracks which combine his typical dirty techno sound with the aesthetics of Dubstep and UK Bass. Extremely funky and with a big drop of acid they fit perfectly to the sound of our label. For our podcast series he has offered this massive piece of pure and raw techno recorded live from his machine park.


{enclose killekill-podcast02_landstrumm_2012.mp3}




Hello, everybody.

We are proud to present our new monthly Killekill podcast.
From now on we will present you an exclusive dj mix or live set of mostly artists from our roster, but also friends or artists who play at one of our nights. Check out this first mix, provided by SNUFF CREW, who have recently released two massive tracks on our label (Killekill 004).

SNUFF CREW´s mission is to bring back the fun on the dancefloors worldwide. The masked duo is known for their jacking live shows that combine the raw energy of early Chicago and Acid house with a fresh and modern sound. Rumour has it that they come from “somewhere in Germany”, but their sounds draw a very heavy influence from the original acid house city of Chicago alongside Italo-disco and old school techno flavours. The use of old school roland boxes as sound sources and almost non existent use of even basic effects means their sound is Rough, raw and aimed squarely at the dancefloor.

{enclose killekill-podcast01_snuff-crew_megahorst.mp3}


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