KRAKE FESTIVAL 2015 (3. – 9. AUG / Urban Spree / Berghain Kantine / Suicide Circus / Lok Dock)


Very limited festival passes available here:
weekend tickets will be available later via the same channels, RA and others.

KRAKE is an annual Berlin based fes­ti­val for chal­leng­ing elec­tronic music brought to you by Killekill. KRAKE means octo­pus and the fes­ti­val is organ­ised in a com­pa­ra­ble way: reach­ing out to selected loca­tions dur­ing one week pre­sent­ing the best in elec­tronic music, what­ever style it is. The fes­ti­val is not huge, not expen­sive, does not have big spon­sor­ing deals or four dif­fer­ent colour area passes. It’s just a good and so far suc­cess­ful try to bring back the focus on artists who dare to step off the beaten tracks. A fes­ti­val for music lovers.

But what’s new this year?

The over-all set up will be the same as last year: A week start­ing with an arty night on Mon­day, the clas­sic Wednes­day night at Berghain Kan­tine, a bomb night of mod­ern techno on Fri­day at Sui­cide Cir­cus, and the peak of the fes­ti­val on the last day, where we com­bine the areal of Urban Spree with that of Sui­cide Cir­cus to offer a mas­sive fes­ti­val place right in the center of the city to wan­der around between six floors full with music and arts.

Music­wise we have forged ahead into unknown depths again and com­piled what we con­sider cut­ting edge: UNTOLD, CASSEGRAIN & TIN MAN, EOMAC, SENDAI or Power Vacuum’s BINTUS are names which should give you an idea of what we are talk­ing about here… Putting together an inspiring line up is not enough for us though, and so we have stretched out our ten­ta­cles even fur­ther and pulled together all sorts of micro scenes to let them fer­til­ize each other and make this week an unfor­get­table expe­ri­ence for every­one involved. May it be like-minded Berlin net­works such as the Same­heads or Robot Army which both will run floors on the final may­hem on Sat­ur­day, or the vivid body art and per­for­mance scene which we present on the Wednes­day night at Berghain Kan­tine. High­light in this con­cern will definitely be the label bou­tique on Tues­day, where we have selected the finest labels of the Berlin under­ground to present them­selves, sell their stuff and dis­cuss big ques­tions of mod­ern times.
To round the whole thing off, we have set up an exhi­bi­tion of music-related and inter­dis­ci­pli­nary art fea­tur­ing ROBERT HENKE’s laser instal­la­tion “Destruc­tive Obser­va­tion Field” and SONIC ROBOTS’ “MR-808 Inter­ac­tive”, a robotic 808 the size of your wardrobe, which will be acces­si­ble at Urban Spree all week.

We empha­size our claim to be more than just another music festival.

Come on down with us!

Yours, the Killekill and Krake Team


mon, aug 3rd – sat, aug 8th, open 14:00-20:00
Urban Spree

feat. works of

A bright mul­ti­color laser beam points at a black reflec­tive sheet of plas­tic hang­ing freely from the ceil­ing. Most of the light is absorbed by the plate, turned into heat. A small part is reflected to a white screen on the oppo­site side of the room. The heat cre­ates defor­ma­tions and induces struc­tural changes of the sur­face of the plate, which leads to dynamic and com­plex reflec­tion pat­terns. The laser beam scans over the sur­face of the plate in slow ran­dom move­ments and leaves traces of destruc­tion. The light pat­terns on the pro­jec­tion screen make the process vis­i­ble.
By adding more and more imper­fec­tions to the sur­face of the plas­tic plate, the result­ing pat­terns become increas­ingly more inter­est­ing until a cer­tain thresh­old is reached after which the process seems to reverse. More destruc­tion leads to less inter­est­ing results, end­ing ulti­mately after a long time with just a dif­fuse reflec­tion of light. The instal­la­tion becomes blind.

MR-808 INTERACTIVE – by Moritz Simon Geist
Sonic Robots per­form elec­tronic music — with mechanic robots! The MR-808 is a robotic drum instal­la­tion, which fea­tures eleven sounds of the famous elec­tronic Drum machine “TR-808” were replaced by mechan­i­cal actu­a­tors and phys­i­cal tone generators, placed in a 3.30m by 1.70m enclosure.


mon, aug 3rd
Urban Spree
doors open: 18:00
entrance fee: donation

DAT POLITICS (sub rosa, chicks on speed) – live
5XL (magic power) – live
HURON (crazy language) – live + visuals by Sarge Grafx
AXIOM (crazy language)
SUBKUTAN (institut für Zukunft)

For the opening night of the festival we usually try to book a line up of live performers, experimental visual arts plus some special gimmicks to provide a night which is as wild and eclectic as the festival itself. This year we have DAT POLITICS from France who for us is one of the most interesting electric bands on the planet. Their combination of a garage band-like approach to electronic music with a finesse in production is just great! After several albums they were a bit out of focus lately, but there will be a new album coming soon plus a remix for our personal super-hero David Lynch, so the timing seemed perfect to finally include them. We are looking forward to one of their hot-wired and partly chaotic live shows, which we love so much. Another highlight of the opening night will be 5XL, a collaboration of 5 young musicians, who are all involved in other successful musical projects and use this alias for techno live jams of unheard raw energy on meters of hardware machines. Expect some serious madness coming from these young folks!
Also we will open the Krake art exhibition that night, which will be open all week long. This exhibition is a new thing to us and we are super-excited about it! Amongst many others it will feature „Destructive Observation Field“ by Robert Henke, a mulit-colour laser beam burning a plastic plate creating expanding and contracting forms which have a semi-organic appearance. A piece that fascinated us for a while already.


tue, aug 4th
Urban Spree
doors open: 14:00 entrance
fee: 3€

In order to cre­ate a plat­form for Berlin’s vivid elec­tronic music scene we con­tacted our favourite Berlin labels, record stores and agencies to set up this market, where you can browse their releases and merchandise for rarities and goodies. The mar­ket will be accom­pa­nied by dj sets, a panel on music rights management in modern times and a live performance by Julia Drouhin, who cre­ates choco­late records with hits from dead musi­cians, which can be heard and eaten by the audience. Also the art exhi­bi­tion will be open all day long.

spe­cial live per­for­mance:
DISCO GHOST by Julia Drouhin
The French artist liv­ing in Tasmania/Australia cre­ates choco­late records with hits from dead musi­cians, which can be heard and eaten by the audience.



wed, aug 5th
Berghain Kan­tine
doors open: 20:00
entrance fee: 15€

body performances by:
ambient dj set: JOANA (werk, bodies)
live sets: INNER8 (undogmatisch) – live
KEN KARTER (kript, sa monad series) – live
killekill takeover:
ALIENATA (killekill, snuff trax)
DJ FLUSH (killekill)
FIST VAN ODOR (killekill)

The Wednesday night at Berghain Kantine is a classic for us. This is where the whole KILLEKILL story started and this night has been part of every edition of the Krake Festival so far. Whatever happens contentwise, this night is something special for us with its intimate atmosphere and all the fans and friends coming down.
For this year we are cooperating with BODIES, a Berlin collective which has been setting up a few nights in Berlin lately combining extreme body performances and techno. They have been setting up a few nights only until now, but the result was impressive every time. So we are curious what they will come up with for us. On the musical side of things we present live sets of INNER8 and KEN KARTER, before, later in the night, the Killekill djs will take over: ALIENATA, who has built up a solid reputation with her extraordinary selection and outstanding sensibility for the crowd, Killekill boss hog DJ FLUSH and FIST VAN ODOR whose mixes have names like „I smear butter on your belly“ or „eating a horse“. He is a freak and he’ll teach you how to be one, too, tonight!



thu, aug 6th
by Ableton
Urban Spree
doors open: 14:00
entrance fee: free entry, registration via Eventbrite

You are invited to a day of creative workshops and music-making hosted by Ableton at Krake Festival. EOMAC and ARAD – who make up the duo Lakker – will present in-depth track deconstructions and insights into performing on stage with Live. Ableton Product Specialist Jesse Abayomi will demonstrate Ableton Push and its workflow, and workshop participants will be able to try out Push for themselves at the Push playground. To round things off, The Ableton User Group Berlin will present a live laptop/hardware jam, hosted by Ableton Certified Trainers Maya Sternel and Brian Smith. Online registration is free through Eventbrite.



fri, aug 7th
SuicideCircus Berlin
doors open: 23:00
entrance fee: 18€

suicide club floor:
SENDAI (time to express) – live
CASSEGRAIN & TIN MAN (killekill) – live
THE29NOV FILMS live visuals & SEBASTIAN KÖKOW dj set
MONDKOPF – a/v live show
open air floor:
rROXYMORE (noise manifesto) – live
EMIKA (emika records)
VINILETTE (the hum)
SÖREN MIEHE (our hobby is different)
BASTUS (our hobby is different)

On Fri­day, we get to the final stage and kick off the Krake weekend!
One of the performances I am looking forward to the most, is CASSEGRAIN & TIN MAN, a coop­er­a­tion between the Greek/British/Turkish/Asian duo Cassegrain and Tin Man from Vienna, who in their col­labs have com­bined both their dis­tinc­tive sounds — clas­sic con­nois­seur acid and mod­ern techno — to something really special. After some out­stand­ing releases they have finally set up a live show together, and we are really proud and to have them.
ELECTRIC INDIGO is undoubt­edly one of the most shin­ing peo­ple in techno music for us. Leav­ing the fact, that she is one the first major player in techno for over 20 years aside, she is also an artist search­ing for new chal­lenges and fields con­stantly, with­out ever lean­ing back and get­ting cosy in the com­fort­able couch of suc­cess. We are proud to present her coop­er­a­tion with the Aus­trian visual artist THOMAS WAGENSOMMERER, a sub­tle piece explor­ing the pos­si­bil­i­ties of organic growth and change in elec­tronic music.
MONDKOPF’s coop­er­a­tion with a French visual artist, the video col­lec­tive THE29NOV FILMS and many more will be on duty that night — indoor and outdoor. Besides all the other great acts we have indoor we are particularly looking forward to rROXYMORE’s performance on the open air floor. The recording of her Boiler Room show really fascinated us. Super subtle house with an experimental touch, her beautiful voice and all that performed in a proper live manner – just great!



sat, aug 8th
Sui­cide Cir­cus & Urban Spree
doors open: 23:00
entrance fee: 20€

The Sat­ur­day undoubt­edly is the peak of the fes­ti­val, where we combine the professional club situation of Suicide Circus with the DIY style of Urban Spree. Cross­ing all over from sub­tle elec­tron­ica and ambi­ent to the freaki­est shit in techno and elec­tro, this night will be a four­di­men­sional blast filled with great music, out­stand­ing visual art and every­thing that goes in between categories. There is a floor focussing on UK Bass sound featuring Eomac, Arad, Kamikaze Space Programme, Bintus and last but not least UNTOLD, who we consider one of the most progressive producers in electronic music of the last years. He has a new extremely reduced A/V show, which we are super excited about. Second highlight of the night is an electro floor, headlined by legendary project HYPNOBEAT who „invented techno in the early 80s“ as they modestly claim. True or not, their percussive session with uncountable drum machines is a unique experience.
Anyway, besides particular acts here and there, the most special thing about this night, is the diversity we can offer with all the little Berlin networks that we are including. The atmosphere on this huge playground right in the middle of the city was something that left me standing with my mouth open again and again last year.

Come on down and freak with us!


UNTOLD (hemlock) – a/v live show
BINTUS (power vacuum) – live
EOMAC (killekill, lakker) – live
KAMIKAZE SPACE PROGRAMME (mote evolver) – live
ARAD (electric deluxe, lakker)
XVII (ifz)

Dance music is dead? Well, there are certain people who definitely still push the envelope!
Wether you call it techno, electro or bass music – we have gathered some of them for you tonight.


HYPNOBEAT (James Dean Brown & Helena Hauff) – live
EKMAN (berceuse heroique) – live
NIGHTJARS (enlightened wax) – live
UMWELT (new flesh)
GEN.HECTIC (Metaphysik)

On this floor we present a killer line up of international electro artists, headed by legendary project HYPNOBEAT who „invented techno in the early 80s“ as they modestly claim. True or not, their percussive sessions with uncountable drum machines are a unique experience.


GATTO FRITTO (international feel, fritto morto)
SKISM (wasn & wunderwaffel)
VERA MONA (berlin) – live

This floor will be hosted by the Neukölln-based Sameheads Berlin Berlin crew, a col­lec­tive, which is defined by its unique blend of creative perspectives and fiercely independent production values. Based in Berlin since 2006, Sameheads provide a setting where artists with backgrounds in Fashion, Art, Music, Film and Media converge, collaborate and influence each other’s creative approach. Edgy, experimental cross-pollination with one eye on the role art can play in cultural exchange and integration. They have brought together a fine selection of artists presenting long lost Euro­pean disco tracks, pul­sat­ing con­tem­po­rary elec­tronic jams and exper­i­men­tal live showcases.

The dj set of Greek dj and producer KONDAKTOR from last year was a revelation. So in the morning hours we leave this floor to him again to take you on an eclectic trip through his musical world.



Robot Army – A Berlin col­lec­tive which truly knows how to rock a floor. All Tre­sor res­i­dents of the 90s, these guys will bring their punky base­ment techno to our fes­ti­val. We are proud to have them here. Put on your danc­ing shoes, and beware of seri­ous dj skills on this floor!


In the Gallery the Art Exhibition will be accessible all night long featuring another Disco Ghost performance by Julia Drouhin.
As another special there will be a patch wrestling competition. Think geeky nerds tweaking their modular systems, think the World Wrestling Federation – think it together and you are almost there.


RALF KÖSTER (mfoc, golden pudel club)
ALEX SOLMAN (mfoc, golden pudel club)

MFOC = Music for our Children, Mother Fuckers of Califonia or Musik Fetischisten Ohren Charakter. For 20 years, every Sunday night at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel Club, MFOC is coming to Berlin’s Krake Festival!
Alex Solman, best postcard painter since the war, and Ralf Köster, a toothless E-Musik-monster will bring their armchair techno, deep-flying drones and senile insomnia all night long. Might be good or special. Or not.

Just open the window and try out! (Brian Eno)


sun, aug 9th
Lokdock Berlin

There will be a private closing party for the team, friends, and owners of festival passes in a very special location. Please check our website or facebook for details.



more info:

Fr 12.6. 7 JAHRE KILLEKILL @ Suicide Circus


LAKKER (r&s, killekill) – live
DEZ WILLIAMS (trust, killekill) – live
ALIENATA (killekill)
DJ FLUSH (killekill)
SEBASTIAN KÖKOW (the29nov films, killekill)
FIST VAN ODOR (killekill)
AXIOM (crazy language, killekill)
+ special guests

live visuals: THE29NOV FILMS


KILLEKILL feiert seinen 7. Geburtstag. 7 Jahre sind viel Zeit, und es ist viel passiert: Parties ohne Ende (fast 400, wenn das Archiv nicht täuscht!), diverse Labels usw. usf.

Das wird gefeiert, und zwar mit jeder Menge Freunden und lieb gewonnenen Weggefährten, die vor allem eines verbindet: Die Leidenschaft für außergewöhnliche elektronische Musik. Angeführt wird die Geburtstagskapelle von LAKKER, deren erster physischer Release (Killekill 004) u.a. von Aphex Twin hoch und runter geträllert wurde, und die aktuell ihr Album „Tundra“ auf R&S veröffentlichen, ein Gesamtkunstwerk, das viele Eigenschaften hat, vor allem aber durch ein wirklich einzigartiges Sound design eine fast musikalische Art von Noise kreiert und zelebriert. Der eigenartigen, abstrakten und gleichzeitig warmen Stimmung, die durch ihre Musik entsteht, setzen wir DEZ WILLIAMS entgegen, einen Künstler, den wir für uns neu entdeckt haben, der aber eigentlich schon seit über 20 Jahren als Produzent am Start ist. Das allerdings hört man nicht bei ihm – von Old School kann keine Rede sein. Ultramodern klingt sein Sound, und irgendwo zwischen Techno, Electro und Acid angesiedelt eignet er sich hervorragend, um jeden Dancefloor auseinander zu nehmen.

Neben diesen beiden Live Acts gibt es ganz viele DJs heute, FRANKLIN DE COSTA, der mit DJ Spider bereits für 2 Releases auf Killekill verantwortlich zeichnet, ist das erste Mal dabei, die Residents ALIENATA, DJ FLUSH, SEBASTIAN KÖKOW, AXIOM und FIST VAN ODOR runden den Abend ab – jeder mit seinem ganz speziellen Sound. Von klassischem Electro und wonky techno über Acid und Wave bis hin zu straightem Industrial Techno wird alles dabei sein, was sich abseits der fest getretenen Pfade so finden lässt – so wie es sich für eine ordentliche Killekill-Sause gehört. Getoppt nur durch die großartigen Live Visuals des nahestehenden the29nov Film-Kollektivs, die mit ihren morbiden Videos maßgeblich zur visuellen Identität des Labels beigetragen haben.

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!


Resident Advisor

Start: 24:00
Suicide Circus
Revaler Strasse 99
10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Zugang von Warschauer Brücke

Fr. 20.3. KILLEKILL meets TRUST @Suicide Circus


DJ FLUSH (killekill)
DJ GLOW (trust)

+ more tba


KILLEKILL tut sich für diesen Termin mit dem großartigen Label ursprünglich österreichischen Label TRUST zusammen, das ebenso wie Killekill für einen vielseitigen, wagemutigen Sound abseits des Mainstreams steht. KAMIKAZE SPACE PROGRAMME releast im März eine Maxi, die er gemeinsam mit der großartigen EMIKA produziert hat. Diese ist leider nicht am Start heute, aber KSP wird mit seinem ausufernden Maschinenpark auch alleine definitiv die Hütte rocken! Support kommt vom Trust-Labelboss DJ GLOW sowie dem Killekill-Gespann HANNO HINKELBEIN und DJ FLUSH.


KILLEKILL teams up with the great originally Austrian, now Berlin-based label TRUST, which is also representing a diverse and daring sound off the mainstream, just as Killekill. KAMIKAZE SPACE PROGRAMME will be releasing a 12″ which he produced with the great singer EMIKA, who unfortunately wasn’t available for the date. But don’t worry! KSP will kick your ass anyway with his extensive machine park which he knows how to control as only a few do. Support comes from the Trust-Labelboss DJ GLOW and the Killekill-residents HANNO HINKELBEIN and DJ FLUSH.


Resident Advisor

Start: 24:00
Suicide Circus
Revaler Strasse 99
10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Zugang von Warschauer Brücke

Fr. 20.2. KILLEKILL meets EARWIGGLE @Suicide Circus


SUNIL SHARPE (earwiggle)
BINTUS (power vacuum, earwiggle)
DEFEKT (komisch, earwiggle) – live
SEBASTIAN KÖKOW (the29nov films, killekill)
DJ FLUSH (killekill)

live visuals: THE29NOV FILMS


Sunil Sharpe geht ab im Moment. Bintus geht ab. Und Defekt geht auch ab.

SUNIL SHARPE bekommt nach seinem Boiler Room-Auftritt vor kurzem endlich die Aufmerksamkeit, die er als einer der besten Techno-DJs weit und breit verdient hat. 

BINTUS betreibt das Ausnahme-Label Power Vacuum, das jüngst von RA zum Label des Monats gekürt wurde. Nebenbei hat er auch als Künstler einen Großteil des Katalogs zu verantworten.

DeFeKT wird mit seinem Techno/Electro-Hybrid-Sound von Leuten wie Dave Clarke abgefeiert und wird sicherlich der Nächste aus Irland sein, der den Durchbruch an die Techno-Spitze schafft.

Alle drei werden demnächst auf Sunils Label Earwiggle vertreten sein, und somit haben wir einen guten Anlass, uns mit diesen drei Berserkern sowie den Residents DJ FLUSH und SEBASTIAN KÖKOW eine Nacht um die Ohren zu hauen. Für die Augen gibt es ein Zauberspiel von THE29NOV FILMS.


Sunil Sharpe rocks, Bintus rocks, And Defekt rocks as well.

After his breathtaking show-off at Boiler Room, SUNIL SHARPE finally gets the attention, he deserves as one of the best techno djs around these days.

BINTUS runs the exceptional label Power Vacuum, which was label of the month on RA recently. Besides running the label he is also responsible for the majority of the catalogue btw.

DeFeKT is an up and coming artist, which people like Dave Clarke talk more and more about. No wonder, as his specific techno/electro hybrid sound kicks ass!

All three will be featured on Sunil’s label Earwiggle, and thus we thought this was a good occasion to spend a throbbing night with those berserks and our residents DJ FLUSH and SEBASTIAN KÖKOW

For your eyes? The29Nov Films live!

Resident Advisor

Start: 24:00
Suicide Circus
Revaler Strasse 99
10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Zugang von Warschauer Brücke

Fr 23.01. ACID IST FERTIG @Suicide Circus


WOODY McBRIDE (communique)
MAX DURANTE (analog dust)
DJ FLUSH (killekill)
FUTURISMO (futurisms)



KILLEKILL geht mit seiner Konzept-Reihe ACID IST FERTIG in die nächste Runde und bietet damit eine die Alternative zu dem, was Ihr sonstwo an diesem Wochenende zu hören bekommen könnt.

Eingeladen haben wir uns diesmal WOODY McBRIDE aus Minnesota, einen der Pioniere des amerikanischen Acid Techno. Seine Releases waren stilprägend und sein Label COMMUIQUE war ohne Frage eines der ganz großen Labels im Acid-Bereich: hart, düster, aber irgendwie auch verspielt und schnuckelig waren die Scheiben mit dem farblich verschobenen Labeldesign immer. Einen Riesenoutput gab es da in den 90ern und jeder Release war ein Fest. Ein Acid-Fest.

Eine Ehre ist es, diese Legende bei der nächsten ACID IST FERTIG-Party zu Gast zu haben!

Hinzu kommt MAX DURANTE, früher Kämpfer des Acid und Electro aus Italien und ein Wizard an den Decks. Legende Nummer 2 für heute Nacht!

NIKOSLAV NACHHALL von der Berliner Tanzmichmal-Crew, der Neuköllner Dirty Bastard FUTURISMO und Killekill-Resident DJ FLUSH runden die Sache ab.

Zeit für die nächste Runde!

We will give you what you need!


KILLEKIL is ringing in another round of the concept-night ACID IST FERTIG (acid is ready) and hence offers the alternative to all other goings-on during the Berlin Music Days. This time WOODY McBRIDE from Minnesota accepted their invitation. He is a pioneer of american acid techno, his releases were genre-defining and his label COMMUIQUE was without question one of the biggest labels in Acid: hard, dark, yet playful and cute were the releases with the askew cover designs. The label had an enormous output in the nineties and each release was a music-fest. An Acid-Fest.

It is an honour to welcome this master of his class as our guest at the next ACID IST FERTIG-Party!

Italian’s most credible face for true school acid and electro is MAX DURANTE. Super legend number 2 for that night!

Tanzmichmal’s NIKOSLAV NACHHALL and Neukölln’s dirty bastard FUTURISMO round up the line up of this night.

It’s time for the next round!

We will give you what you need!

Resident Advisor


Start: 24:00
Suicide Circus
Revaler Strasse 99
10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Zugang von Warschauer Brücke



FURFRIEND (killekill, perc trax) – live
HOUSEMEISTER (aycb, boysnoize)
DJ FLUSH (killekill)
AXIOM (killekill, crazy language)


We are celebrating the next 12″ of Furfriend on our label.

The German saying “Ist der Ruf erst ruiniert, lebt man voellig ungeniert.”, meaning once your reputation is ruined, your life gets easy, sums up a lot about Furfriend’s artistic doing.

‘Freedom of Filth’, the title track of the upcoming EP, lives tightly along those lines and throws its full force of lushness at you, growing into an empowering industrial monster that makes you want you to rip all clothes off your body. If JFK did it, so can you. And if big room sound is too much for you and you miss the simplicity and pervy voice of Dingo Tush that made the duo famous, you’ll wanna follow their instructions for self appreciation and have a listen to ‘Touch Myself’, A train-like fuck-fest for the dancefloor. Make sure to bring some lube!

Can’t wait for another throbbing oversexed live show of the beardy folks…

Next to our residents supporting this show will be the legendary HOUSEMEISTER who will play a special Ghetto House dj set dedicated to Dance Mania for this occasion.

Work it, work it, work it!

Resident Advisor


Start: 24:00
Suicide Circus
Revaler Strasse 99
10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Zugang von Warschauer Brücke

14.11. KILLEKILL CHARITY RAVE @ Suicide Circus


DASHA RUSH (fullpanda)
PHON.O (50 weapons)
BNJMN (rush hour, delsin)
ACID WASHED (record makers)
BENI (suicide)
DJ GLOW (trust)
I.NOMAC (da da revolution)
DIRTY INSTRUCTED (funk injacktion)
GRIZZLY (grizzlynation)
& many, many more coming up


While we here in Berlin mostly deal with first world problems, there are people with more serious problems in other parts of the world.

As most of you probably know through media, there are a lot of people in West Africa dying from a virus, which could probably have been defeated already, if there was a major interest in this in the richer areas of this planet – which is unfortunately not the case. But can you lean back and leave the responsibility up to others then?

We don’t think so.

The people there are suffering extremely, not only the ones who are actually infected, but also those who are affected indirectly. The virus spreads with physical contact and that means that often whole families and rural communities are being extinct, leaving behind single persons, often kids, who have lost everybody and everything.

With this event Killekill would like to raise awareness about this problem and contribute actively to the fight against Ebola by donating all money from the door to Doctors Without Borders, who are fighting bravely in West Africa, often risking their own lives.

We are grateful for all the support we have got from the artists playing as well as from Suicide Circus.

The line up is already quite superb we’d say, and it grows day by day.

Spread the word and let’s have a great night together!


Während wir uns hier in Berlin meist mit unseren Erste-Welt-Problemen rumschlagen, sterben in West-Afrika täglich Menschen an einem Virus, gegen dass es wahrscheinlich schon längst medizinische Hilfe gäbe, wenn es dort um ein zahlungskräftiges Klientel ginge. Aber kann man sich deshalb zurücklehnen, und die Verantwortung den anderen zuschieben? Nein.

Die Menschen vor Ort leiden extrem. Nicht nur diejenigen, die selbst an dieser schrecklichen Krankheit, sondern auch die, die indirekt betroffen sind. Da das Virus ja durch körperliche Nähe übertragen wird, sterben oft mehrere sich nahe stehende Menschen aus Dorf- und Familiengesellschaften, so dass Einzelne hilflos zurückbleiben, deren Geschwister, Kinder, Eltern, Großeltern und nahe Verwandte gestorben sind.

Wir wollen gerne einen kleinen Beitrag im Kampf gegen diese Krankheit leisten und organisieren daher diese Veranstaltung, um erstens dem Thema etwas Öffentlichkeit zu verschaffen, und zweitens um konkrete Hilfe zu leisten, indem wir die gesamten Türeinnahmen dieser Veranstaltung an Ärzte ohne Grenzen spenden werden, die in West Africa und vielen anderen Teilen der Welt oft unter Einsatz ihres Lebens arbeiten, um anderen zu helfen.

Das Line up der Veranstaltung kann sich jetzt schon sehen lassen, wird aber noch täglich ergänzt. Das wird eine tolle Nacht!

Wir danken allen Unterstützern im Voraus, den Künstlern, die ohne Gage spielen, dem Suicide Circus, der uns finanziell unterstützt!

Spread the word!

Resident Advisor


Start: 24:00
Suicide Circus
Revaler Strasse 99
10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Zugang von Warschauer Brücke

31.10. PARANOIA at ://about blank

Gesloten Cirkel (murder capital) – live
I-F (
Alienata (snuff trax)
I/Y (i/y)
DJ Flush (killekill)
AMNESIE (transitions)
+ more guests 
Black eyes and white lights.
Darkness crawling into my head.
They are coming after me.
Electric paranoia
Killekill, Moments und Transitions haben sich für eine sehr besondere Gelegenheit zusammengetan und präsentieren am 31.10. im About:Blank GESLOTEN CIRKEL live.
Mit seinem hyper darken Acid-Wave-Synth-Electro hat er große, große Wellen geschlagen in der letzten Zeit. Insbesondere mit seinem jüngst erschienenen Album auf I-F’s Label Murder Capital.
Seine Gigs sind extrem rar gesät. Alle Welt feiert ihn, aber spielen mag er nicht so gerne. Underground as can be.
Wir sind mehr als stolz, so was auf die Beine gestellt zu haben.
Insbesondere mit Support vom Label Chef I-F selbst, dessen Name alleine ja eigentlich auch schon für feuchte Augen und ausreichend Paranoia reichen sollte.
Resident Advisor
://about blank
Markgrafendamm 24c
10245 Berlin
S-Bahnhof Ostkreuz


BILL YOUNGMAN (killekill, tanstaafl) – live
DJ FLUSH (killekill)
MAREENA (tresor, killekill)
ABAYOMI (superb recordings)
visuals: THE29NOV FILMS
Lange ist’s her, dass BILL YOUNGMAN mit einem seiner Live-Sets bei Killekill zu Gast war!
Nun hatte er jüngst eine 12″ für unser Label abgeliefert, die extrem geil war, und so liegt es auf der Hand, dass er mal wieder live dabei sein sollte. Stampfenden Techno kann er genauso gut wie melodisch verspielte Breaks, deepen Trance genauso gut wie abstrakten Electro. Das Ganze dann so live auf die Bühne gebracht, wie man es selten sieht. Hammer!
Support kommt von HANNO HINKELBEIN und DJ FLUSH dem schlagfertigen Duo aus dem Hause Killekill und NIKOSLAV NACHHALL aus dem Hause Tanzmichmal, der mit seinem funky Acid-Sound ebenso perfekt ins Hause Killekill passt. Die vielseitige Techno-Bombe MAREENA und ABAYOMI mit seinem etwas basslastigeren Ansatz runden das Line up ab. Techno Galore!
It’s been a long time since BILL YOUNGMAN rocked our house with one of his live sets. But it was high time to let the beast out again for you, as Bill recently released a smashing 12″ on our label. Levitate it is called and it proves once again that this man can do more or less anything, may it be dark pumping techno, melodic breaks, deep trance or abstract electro. Check out his live set! Support comes from Killekill’s best men HANNO HINKELBEIN and DJ FLUSH as well as from NIKOSLAV NACHHALL from the Tanzmichmal-Crew who knows how to rock a crowd with his funky Acid-Sound. With MAREENA we have also invited one of Berlin’s most versatile techno bombs. ABAYOMI with his bassy sound rounds up the line up to present you a night full of challenging techno!
Resident Advisor
FacebookStart: 24:00 
Suicide Circus 
Revaler Strasse 99 
10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain 
Zugang von Warschauer Brücke 

KRAKE FESTIVAL 2014 (Aug, 4th – 9th)

Ticket presale has started!
Early bird tickets are available from today at the Killekill website, on bandcamp and in selected stores. The early bird tickets are 45 € for the whole festival and include the KRAKE 001 CD.
Limited to 100 pieces only! . You better be quick!
Welcome to another great festival deep down!
For 2014 we are coming up with a totally new set up. For the main event on saturday we cooperate with the Urban Spree Gallery, which is located next to the Suicide Circus and combine their areal with that of Suicide Circus to offer you a massive festival place to wander around between several floors full with music and arts. A thing like this offered in the centre of the city is extraordinary and will make this year’s edition an unforgettable event. For now, here is a rough outline of the festival as a whole.
More details to follow. Stay tuned!
Monday, aug, 4th
KRAKE FESTIVAL DAY I: OPENING Urban Spree Gallery // doors open: 20:00 // cost: 12€ Advance, 15€ Ticket Box
We open the festival with an arty night, presenting live performances of outstanding artists. The Urban Spree Gallery is an amazing venue, combining industrial aesthetics with a sweet, personal DIY flair, perfect for our opening. TRANSFORMA are a video collective mostly known for their work for Apparat but also for Deutsche Theater and many others. They mostly work with real footage of mostly natural materials that they produce and project in real time. For Krake they cooperate with NACKT, a live music performer of rarely seen quality, who will improvise on the grand piano plus effects and other instruments to the morbid pictures that Transforma produce.
THE NEST are a group of musicians from Cologne and Berlin consisting of members of Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Desmond Denker and Tannhäuser Sterben & Das Tod. „Highly minimal and with due attention to space and atmosphere, ‚Music For Drivers‘ is poised with a sharp tension between contrasting organic and mechanical sound sources; field recordings lend an unpredictability and sense of atmospheric breadth while their patiently attuned playing paints the space between with ethereal, otherworldly strokes of synthesizer, saxophone and electronics, constantly morphing between moods which are never quite just dark and light, maybe best described in terms of psychedelic, hallucinatory light shows.“ said Boomkat about their first album. We are awaiting their performance following their second album released in june 2014 on Album Label.
Third live act of the night KHAN takes the audience into a totally different direction. A nun seeking enlightenment. Khan as a male hustler including his own phone sex line on 1-900 Get-Khan. His pop fueled live shows often playing with gender roles are sought after for a reason.
As a little extra the robots taking part in the TERMINATOR TOURNAMENT on saturday will be showing off on the robot catwalk so you know which one to bet on!
line up:
KHAN (I’m single, album label) – live
THE NEST (album label) – live
OPIUM HUM (berghain, boiler room)
+ show off of the robots of the TERMINATOR TOURNAMENT
Wednesday, aug 6th
KRAKE FESTIVAL DAY II: MINDWAVES MUSIC vs. CRAZY LANGUAGE vs. KILLEKILL Berghain Kantine // doors open: 20:00 // cost: 12€ advance, 15€ ticket box
The wednesday night at Berghain Kantine is the classical Krake night. This was where the whole Killekill story started, and a night in this cosy venue was part of every edition of the festival so far. This year Killekill meets up with the labels of two close friends to the Killekill family: Crazy Language and Mindwaves Music. Both labels stand for a daring approach to electronic music, Mindwaves Music focussing on playful electronica and IDM, Crazy Language on more abstract tunes. Combined with a small proper Killekill line up, and a reading of club related stories of selected contemporary German authors this night will cross it all over from intellectuality to pure dancefloor madness.
line up:
mindwaves music artists:
SOFUS FORSBERG (mindwaves music) – live
KARSTEN PFLUM (mindwaves music) – live
crazy language artists:
LOGICAL DISORDER (crazy language) – live
SK’P (crazy language) – live
AXIOM (crazy language)
killekill artists:
NEIL LANDSTRUMM (killekill) – live
Friday, aug 8th
KRAKE FESTIVAL DAY III Suicide Circus // doors open: 23:00 // cost: 12€ advance tickets, 15€ ticket box
On friday we take off into a weekend packed with great music. For the first day we present some of the most challenging characters in contemporary electronic music with a focus on audiovisual performances.
DEMDIKE STARE with their horror vision of techno music are definitely a highlight of this night. But upcoming R&S-artist PAULA TEMPLE, industrial technoist ANCIENT METHODS, dark ambient monster SVARTE GREINER will each be capable of making you shiver. As are legendary sound extremist ALEX CORTEX and minimalists PLASTER who are working on a special a/v show with the outstanding LASAL for Krake.
Last but not least we are happy to welcome local djs PERNILLE, SEBASTIAN KÖKOW, FREUND DER FAMILIE and HOPS who round up this line up of musical challengers perfectly.
Stay tuned for more!
line up:
DEMDIKE STARE (modern love) – a/v live show
PAULA TEMPLE (r&s) – a/v live/dj hybrid show
PLASTER (stroboscopic artefacts, kvitnu) & LASAL – live a/v show
ALEX CORTEX (killekill, skudge) – live
ODD (toktok) – live
SEBASTIAN KÖKOW (killekill, the29nov films)
PERNILLE (strøm/dk) HOPS (hardwax)
HOPS (hardwax)
HYCON (bass4bots)
+ many more
Demdike Stare
Saturday, aug 9th
KRAKE FESTIVAL DAY IV Suicide Circus & Urban Spree // doors open: 22:00 // cost: tba // cost: 15€ advance, 18€ ticket box
The saturday night will be a fourdimensional blast full with great music, outstanding visual art and everything that goes in between categories.
On the Urban Spree floor we have our very special of this year’s edition going, the TERMINATOR TOURNAMENT, the robot battle of the century. Science fiction now!
Raging combat machines built by low tech robot tinkerers meet in the ultimate battle at the fighting arena during the Krake Festival. The audience bets which robot will be the last survivor, and which ones will bleed all electrons out of their wires. The coolest fighting style and the most sophisticated way of dying are also judged and rewarded by a jury, which is recruited ad hoc at the spot. Come and wittness the bomb – astic show!
This spectacle will be accompanied by the biggest synth nerds Berlin has to offer: The TRANSISTORS OF MERCY will blow your mind with meters and meters of synths they will bring to jam on for hours.
The Urban Spree Concert Room will be hosted by a young outstanding label from Athens, Modal Analysis, presenting their label artists YVES DE MEY (part of Sendai with Peter Van Hoesen), KONDAKTOR, ANFS and 3.14 alongside mindblowing and recently heavily acclaimed noise techno act AnD from Manchester.
On the Suicide Club Floor we present a fine selection in electro. DMX KREW with his hilarious live show using drum machines, synths and mic shall is a must, OVUCA from Aphex Twin’s label Rephlex and FELIX KUBIN with his dadaist Kraftwerk-influenced electro are as well. Killer!
The Suicide Open Air Floor shows off with POSITIVE CENTRE with his slowmo dub, PATRIK SKOOG aka AGARIC and RECURSION with their vivid analog techno sets, and several outstanding local djs.
line up:
urban spree gallery hall:
suicide club floor:
DMX KREW (rephlex, breakin) – live
OVUCA (rephlex) – live
FELIX KUBIN (gagarin records) – live
DEAD FADER (small but hard, tigerbeat) – live
PINA (lapsus) – live
ALIENATA (kat channel, snuff trax)
MISSAW (centrifuge)
DJ SPY (electroclub)
+ more to follow suicide
open air floor:
POSITIVE CENTRE (avian) – live
DR.NOJOKE – live
GRIZZLY (voodoo rhythm)
RESOM (//about:blank)
+ more to follow urban
spree concert hall:
AnD (and, modal analysis) – live
YVES DE MEY (sendai, modal analysis) – live
ANFS (modal analysis)
KONDAKTOR (modal analysis)
3.14 (modal analysis)
urban spree open air floor:
SARAH FARINA (through my speakers)
ELISABETH (leaves)
+ more to follow
urban spree basement:
SPEAR (twd, black horizont) – live
I.NOMAC (da da revolution)
transistors of mercy:
more info:
Krake on Facebook 

Krake Festival

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