Being a hip hop-dancer since the age of ten, Dario Scarano alias KUNO got into djing at the age of sixteen and started producing music himself at the very young age of 18. Having started with mostly UK-bass music, he is now a badass dj with a very distinctive style somewhere between acid,
techno & electro.

Leon Wolter alias SPACEINVASION has got a punk and hardcore background and started to deal with electronic music in 2012. His sound as a dj and producer still bears that aesthetics and is driven by noisy lo-fi productions, dirty acid synthesizers and gritty electro. He is also co-founder of the music and art collective Abyss, which is showcasing djs, live acts, light- & video-artists on a regular base at ://about blank in Berlin.

In 2015 these two close friends decided they needed a label for their productions and founded the label TERMINAL OPERATIONS. In 2016 they joined the Killekill roster.



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Born in Southampton on the south coast of England in the early 1970’s, Affie Yusuf has established himself as one of the most important and influential pioneers of UK acid, techno and house, with a career that spans three decades. Affie’s musical roots began in pirate radio – running RASE and ETERNITY radio stations as a teenager, DJing electro and house music on each respectively. From the very start, he was enamoured with the sound of the Acid House movement coming out of London and Manchester, and in 1990 he acquired TB303 and an Amiga computer running Octamed.

The prolific Affie released several EPs on Force Inc. and founded a new label, 909 Perversions, with DJ North (RIP) to continue his Acidwaves series of 12″s.  He also released an EP of acid on Berlin Records in 1994, and then three further 12″s on Chemical Records. In 1996, Affie released his first full album ‚The Volume‘ on Superstition Records, embracing a more stripped-back techno mentality, after having released a similar styled EP under the
alias EF 3.A the year previously. Later that year, Affie Yusuf and Trevor Loveys began House of 909 as a label and production team, and alongside Basement Jaxx were regarded as one of the leading parterships in the UK deep house scene. They released a number of EPs and albums as House of 909. These were extremely successful, and picked up to be re-released by Pagan Records.

Throughout the rest of the 90’s Affie continued to release techno, house, and acid under numerous monkers, including LHB, Traffic, Big Screen, The Parkwalker, and more.

In 2000, Yusuf & Loveys also released a deep proto-tech house album on Pagan under the alias Traffik, which laid down the style that modern tech-house has developed from. Affie left the music scene for several years in the early 2000’s due to health reasons, but returned in 2008 with the Machines Don’t Care collective, alongside Sinden, Trevor Loveys, Toddla T, Fake Blood, Detboi, Herve, and Drop The Lime.
At this time, he and Trevor also launched a new label, Tragic Magic, writing and releasing party tunes.

In his third decade as a producer, working with family friend & long time collaborator Mr. C of the Shamen, Affie has returned to the sound he first loved: Acid. He is now resident DJ at London’s long running acid house retrospective clubnight ‚I Love Acid‘, contributing to their charity fundraiser album Acid Relief in 2011 alongside LFO, Ben Sims, Luke Vibert, Slipmatt, and Mark Archer of Altern 8.

Affie has also established himself as a premier in-demand engineer and studio producer. Affie has also produced & engineered for Mr.C, Terry Francis, Eddie Richards, Dave Mothersole, Gideon Jackson, Mastik Soul and countless others.



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The instinct, that’s a value that hits the world of electronic music. Knowing that one is going in the right direction, that what we do is just because it comes from itself. This could also be something obvious, a notion shared by everyone. Now it seems that just going with the winds of time is always a popular principle among current producers. Whatever, Umwelt has crossed so many eras that he doesn’t care about the news. For over twenty years, he broadcasts and produces only the sound that resembles him. Hailing from Lyon fruitful rave scene of the 90’s, Umwelt never let out of his way by the gleaming neon lights of the compromise. Tracing its way under the Techno Rave and Electro patronage of Drexciya, and armed with its analogs machines for friends only, the French was careful enough not to kill the fire of the first men. Umwelt continues indeed the work of pioneers, namely producing a fashion wild transportation, direct, able to take the listener into the underground worlds as well as the infinite space. Owner of two labels (New Flesh and Rave Or Die), author of three albums and twenty EP’s on infamous labels such like Shipwrec, Satamile, Drivecom or Kommando 6, the producer never took a rest and has always followed his instinctive prescription: to create again and again, not by desire but by need. Umwelt is rare, his music is unique.



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KAMIKAZE SPACE PROGRAMME is a true sonic renegade, a genuine musical experimenter. Somewhere between a classic Musique Concrète and modern electronic approach, KSP’s music is made up of myriad samples and found sounds from real world situations, it lends the stuff a very real texture and aesthetic that links it to the here and now, the everyday, in a very real way. The sound of an old truck, the hiss of a kettle or the clunking of a door are all fair game for KSP, who then takes his strange sound sources and weaves them into infectious sonic tapestries and intricate rhythms.

It all started for Chris Jarman in the mid-90s when he worked as an accomplished session musician. He first dipped his toe into the electronic world as a D&B producer at the turn of the century and was quickly signed to revered label Renegade Hardware and soon began playing around the world. Never one to sit still, Jarman wanted to foment an even more original sound and thus the Kamikaze Space Programme project was born.

Reeleased on labels like Mote Evolver, Bob Bhrama’s West Norwood Cassette Library, TRUST Mindcut KSP has been commissioned to remix artists such as Paul Mac, Aubrey, and Drums Of Death, always adding his own idiosyncratic take on things.


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From deep to dark. From past to future. All is about music.
It all started in 2000 and since then this mysterious ladylike lifeform has dedicated herself to learning & analyzing sound in all of its forms: Obsessive Analogy, Microloops coming from any source (even including fridge’s plug), Dubby, Dark Disco, Raw Techno, IDM, endless Miles Davis songs, Jakbeat, Analogic Deep Textures, Sexual Dark Experimental Hybrids,Cosmic rhythm and beautiful Aquatic Dark Electro tracks, Psicodelia.

In this small biography you’ll read about some of unforgettable moments this lady went through her life: those timid and young sets at Ocio (Murcia) and many other city clubs in Spain while touching down on uncountable raves and nights across northern Italy having first contact with german scene through the homoelektrik group in Berlin and Leipzig, Moss club (Murcia), Fusion Festival (Lärz)…

In 2006 she collaborated with the Overflow Collective that was not only involved in parties but in theatre and music workshops dealing with technology which then opened doors she became a part of Montreal’s electronic scene and Mutek festival.she lived during 2007, as resident deejay at Laïka venue and participating in different clubbing events, like Piknik Electronik, sharing billed events with many famous European and North American artists.
Once back in Spain (Valencia), she took up her career again as part of the Overflow team, where she began showing her exquisite and authentic musical selection through plenty of clubs around the country and also abroad.
In 2008 Alienata was also responsible for musical direction of Overflow records label, where she was able to expand her good and expert musical taste.

In late 2011 she decided to move to Berlin, playing regularly in clubs like ://about blank, Tresor and the infamous Killekill nights at Suicide Circus. Since then, she has been playing in many cities around the world: Chicago, NYC, Denton, Paris, Athens, Warsaw, Amsterdam…

She is currently working on a musical project called Kat Channel with Snuffo (50% of Snuff Crew).


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SEBASTIAN KOEKOW stands for techno in its purest form. Not only is he part of the more than legendary video crew The29NovFilms, which is responsible for over 5000 videos accompanying tracks of more or less anybody with a standing in the techno scene, but also is he a dj who has developped a reputation in Berlin’s underground with his raw and intense techno sets which are heavily influenced by his love for industrial and EBM.


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A tough-looking guy with a fine sense for electronic music. Raffinesse meets power; Hanno is interested in everything; maybe not in collecting Smurf-figures or satinshirts, but he likes to get his inspiration from travelling the earth, photography, meeting people, politics, all kinds of arts and aesthetics, even of turkish wrestling… Soundwise he locates himself somewhere between wonky Techno, House, trashy and clean Electro, Breakbeats, Industrial/Metal, Death Metal, Dubstep, Rebetico, Gypsy Music and so on; which seems to be a place to be taken which can be quite interesting for the listeners. He started Djing in 1996 after playing the guitar in an industrial band; taking the leap from there to the club shows his versatillity and his open mind for music – as long as it holds something special for him, he has an open ear for it. He doesn’t want to bring the „newest shit” all the time – this would be narrowing he thinks; why always play the few really good new tracks when you can hark back on a huge amount of excellent releases of the past thirty years, which contain so many workpieces that people do and don’t know? It’s all about the selection of the Dj and about how you „bring” it to the audience; and Hanno tries to bring everything in electronic-related music together to a stirring whole, to that people in the club can be going crazy on – he likes to compare Djing with having a ever and ever again interesting sexual being-together of the Dj and the crowd; you got to be imaginative to be a good lover… With his productions – even a gold record among them for his appearence on a release of „Zweiraumwohung” – he tries to keep it functionable; clubsounds live on the bassgroove beyond them, on the way the sounds and the groove is put together; his work is, even when quite hard stuff,is always precise and reflected. When Djing as well as when producing, surprising somebody is more important to him than giving a promise for this or that; this makes Hanno an always fresh and interesting musicact that aerates the lineup in every venue he plays. Big heart, friendly lifestyle brought together with sense for partying hard and opening your mind in music! <


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